TCOOP 2013, The Weekend Results

It’s that time of year again where it all goes crazy, and we all start talking about Turbo Tournaments with massive Prize pools. It must be time for TCOOP 2013!
Over the weekend, we saw TCOOP Events #09 to #19, and we have all the results for you here at FTR.
With 2742 entries to this $200k Guaranteed $82 Buy In PLO Knockout Event, the action was over in only 4 and half hours. 360 players cashed for a minimum of $128, plus any bounties earned along the way.
A deal was done Heads Up, and “Essu123″ from Finland took $24817.30 for 2nd, plus another $152.50 in bounties. “Viticov” from Aruba took 1st place and $30,156.70 and another $213.50 in bounties.
This $11 Rebuy 3x Turbo garnered 14538 entries, all vying for the $400k GTD prize pool. In the end, they were playing for $610,340 after and additional 46496 rebuys and add-ons.
With a deal done 3 handed, Lithuania’s “pama888″ took home $55,145.90 for 3rd. 2nd place and $56595.01 went to “massiliimo” from Finland. The title and $58,737 went to “GaggleoKings” from the UK.
The $109 Heads Up Shootout ran with 3083 and a prize pool of $308,300. With the usual waiting around for game to finish in each round, some amusing scene were seen as players bombed the chat box. After just over 먹튀사이트 9 hours we ended up with deal being done on the final table. “Cannotletgo” of Finland taking $33,455.34 and 2nd place, while “gorlav” of Russia took 1st place, $37455.34 and a lot of bragging rights.
With Triple Stud not currently being one of the most popular games, we only saw 2508 runners in the $27 $25k Guaranteed Event.
Even with this disappointing turnout, the guarantee was still smashed, and the players were playing for a prize pool of $61571.40.
In the 1st event of the day without a deal done at the final table, Austrian “power hockey” was able to beat countryman “XIAZHAO” heads up for a $10,468.90 payday. “XIAZHAO” took home $7,388.56 for his trouble.

How Fintech Can Affect the Emerging Economies

The economy is one of the factors that either develop or destroy nation-states. For centuries, it has remained a matter of concern for not economists but philosophers and now for technologists too. From communist’s ideals of considering currency a social construct to the capitalist’s notion of considering it a reality of life. Currency, the unit and a determiner of the economy has undergone several transitional phases as well. In a recent development in the year 2009, a Japanese aka Satoshi Nakamoto designed a unit of cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. The idea behind bitcoin was to invent an electronic peer to peer cash-transfer system, without the involvement of a middleman.
Its an established fact that be it the Bretton wood system, the standardization of currency against gold or the passage of Petrodollar, all these systems are built to strengthen the already established economies that are ruling the world for decades. It was only recently that this creation of bitcoin surged and challenged the monetary order of the world, resultantly receiving resistance from the world. Amidst all the crisis and criticism, bitcoin still managed to create a place for itself and become a tool of salvation for developing countries from the imposing taxes and conditions of the financial moguls of the world.
In a limited time period of just 8 years, Brassica Fintech has succeeded in emerging as a powerful digital currency. It’s challenging the hegemony of the USD in the world. Fuad Ahmed, a currency trading expert is going to read into detail all the factors that are making the digital currency bitcoin the game changer for developing countries.
Bitcoins, opening avenues for development
Banking the Unbanked.
Most developing states face the issue of their masses living deprived of basic financial facilities like those provided by banks. Even when there is no access to banking facility in remote areas, the inhabitants still use the internet. This facility can help people in the far-flung areas where even bank fail to account the money.
Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Brazil have initiated numerous monetization drives. Recently India led a campaign of giving each …

Are Retinoids The Answer To Aging?

Prevention; it’s still the key when it comes to avoiding excessive aging of the skin. The best way to fight photo-aging (damage to your skin caused by getting too much sun exposure) is to protect yourself.

Sunscreen use is your number one weapon, as the sun can and will age your skin. Learn about sun-damaged skin on

If you already have sun-damaged skin there are some alternatives for you. A very popular and effective treatment is the use of topical retinoids. Are topical retinoids recommended for everyone? The answer is – no. Most people can and probably should use some form of topical retinoid as their benefits in improving skin photo-aging as well as reversing some of the abnormal skin growths are well documented. Patients with very sensitive skin may have difficulties using topical retinoids. If you have rosacea, (Signs include facial redness, small blood vessels and occasional inflammatory papules), you may not be able to use topical retinoids at all.

For you, other products such as ones with topical vitamin C may be of benefit. Topical vitamin C as also an agent used in the fight against excessive skin ageing.

Retinoids are chemical molecules that are derivatives of vitamin A. There are both oral and topical formulations, and are used to treat conditions such as psoriasis or acne (See Psoriasis or Acne patient portals for more treatment information). They work by binding to specific receptors which then interact with DNA. This process generates new molecules which in turn results in skin improvements. The most common topical skin retinoids are tretinoin, tazarotene and adapalene. With the first two being most commonly used to treat photo-aging.

With topical retinoids, most people experience a mild degree of skin irritation that recedes with ongoing use. Generally speaking, people with more sensitive skin have a higher chance of developing irritation and, as such, should use the product less often (e.g. start with twice a week application at night) and increase the frequency of use as tolerated. There is no need to endure significant irritations, …

The Bankroll Donkey

It’s something that can befall both the greatest players and the worst amateurs – something that has cost millions of people millions of dollars. It’s a thing so evil that it’s probably robbed little children of their Christmas presents at one time or another.
Its name is the Bankroll Donkey, and it lurks in the heart of every aspiring player.
We’ve all, at some 신규가입 꽁머니 point in our lives, been victimized by the whims of this capricious ass. That time when you went all-in on a bad river bluff, with most of your chips already in the pot? Bankroll Donkey. What about that time when you bought in to an online cardroom for $50, and proceeded to lose it all in less than an hour? Bankroll Donkey. How about the time when you rebought into a game that was obviously over your head, just in hopes of getting even?
It’s a sinking, unwelcome feeling with which many of us are all too well acquainted. That urge to get even, that thirst for the instant double-up – these are the pitfalls which have snared many a player. Even those of us who have enjoyed success at the tables can often hear the donkey, braying away in the back of our mind.
So what can we do to tame this unruly beast? I’ve been browsing through the Bible of Poker (otherwise known as “Super System 2”), assembling a list to help some of my buddies who are new to the online game. Thanks to Mike Caro’s excellent contributions to the sacred tome, I’ve been able to do just that. Here are the top two mistakes to which most novice money-managers fall prey.
Rule #1 – Limits, Limits
And I quote, “Don’t treat your bankroll like a tournament buy-in. If you do, you’ll eventually go broke.”
This fine bit of wisdom highlights what is perhaps the novice’s biggest stumbling stone. Too often, new players will buy in for a small amount (say, $20), and instantly sit at a table at which their entire bankroll is the minimum buy-in. This is a …

The hk prize Comeback Kids

Down on your poker luck, who doesn’t think of the famous hk prize Straus maxim “a chip and a chair”? Twenty-nine years ago, in the 1982 World Series of Poker tournament, Jack Strauss was reduced to nothing but a $500 chip and his chair. Days later, creating the legend of one of the most amazing comebacks in the history of poker, Jack Strauss won the tournament, and a $500,000 purse.
“A chip and a chair” is all you need to make your comeback. And in 2011, there are already some serious underdogs writing their own comeback stories …

Chris Moneymaker
The one-time-lucky, seven-year-bust, comeback-accountant

Who doesn’t know the story of Chris Moneymaker? He is likely the single greatest reason for poker’s popularity boom in the last 8 years. As a total unknown in 2003, and working as an accountant in Tennessee, Moneymaker bought into a $39 satellite tournament on PokerStars. He ended up winning a seat a the World Series of Poker Main Event, the most revered and coveted tournament in the world, and became a legend.

Moneymaker bested a field of 838 players. In the final heads-up match, he faced Sammy Farha, a well-known and highly successful poker celebrity. Moneymaker took first place, and the enormous $2.5 million grand prize. He quit his job to become a professional poker player, and went on to live the dream!

But, Moneymaker was a total bust.

From 2005 through most of 2008, Moneymaker didn’t record just about any live tournament cash worth talking about. In 2008, he recorded two cashes for just over $150k. In 2009, he recorded one cash for $15k. Considering living expenses, and regular poker losses, these types of cashes after 4 years of running dry were nothing but blips on the radar. (2010? No real cashes.) People have looked at Moneymaker as an amateur who got lucky once, and just didn’t have what it takes to be a regular winner. Generating mostly losses for seven years (not like he couldn’t afford to) does not earn you respect.

Enter 2011… Moneymaker hired a mental coach. He began leaning on …

keluar sgp Poker to Reenter American Market by August 31

The majority of the Merge Network of poker locales have been available to US players for quite a while, yet except for Carbon keluar sgp Poker – one of the biggest poker destinations at Merge. Recently, Carbon reported a transitory leave from the American market to address client support and money out issues. To the pleasure of numerous players keluar sgp in the US, Carbon has quite recently declared their return. Carbon will be again open to the American market toward the finish of August.
After Black Friday, a large number of poker players from Full Tilt Poker, the Cereus Network, and PokerStars ran to other poker destinations, including a considerable lot of Merge’s properties. However any money manager will let you know a flood of clients is valuable, there can be a limit. Carbon encountered this, and found their frameworks over-burden and unfit to deal with the quantity of new players. Subsequently, they briefly pulled out to fortify their business to all the more likely help players in a move showing obligation to their ongoing base, and to legitimate client support of their fresher clients.

The worries at first felt via Carbon have been tended to, with the coming of their return. The arrival of Carbon is a welcome declaration, particularly as Bodog Poker will be leaving the American scene toward the finish of 2011 to pull together on their worldwide tasks. Players might consider Carbon Poker’s contributions, which Carbon cases can produce as much as a 47% rakeback. However distant from the size of a site like PokerStars, Carbon brags north $50k in week by week competition ensures.

Carbon Poker will return the American market between August 20 and 31.
Maximum capacity Poker-FTOPS-6-Event-16-Main-Event
This was the mother of the FTOPS VI competitions, occasion 16; the headliner! The headliner has developed consistently since the FTOPS began, and it didn’t stop this year. The game was No-Limit Hold’em, buyin was $500 + $35, and there would have been something like $2 million to play for! With such a huge award pool you could wager to see a great deal of …

Full-Tilt-Poker Leaderboards – Current Leaders August 16th

Hi all. This is my first week covering the Full Tilt Leaderboards, and I’m excited to have the opportunity. As a long time MTT grinder on Full Tilt, hopefully I’ll be reporting my own name in the top 10 one of these days soon. Today we’ll be taking a look at the current Top Ten standings in the three leaderboard categories, and seeing what has been going on over the last week.
If you’d like to follow the FTP Leaderboard results, FlopTurnRiver archives the results daily on the Full Tilt network page. You can find it here: Leaderboard-Calendar by scrolling down to the leaderboard section and choosing a day to view. Also, for today’s complete standings (top 250 in all three categories) click here: August 16th Leaderboard Results
Current August 16th Top Ten MTT Leaders
1 The Yid 6434.00
2 EMSBas 4743.40
3 rtkoss 4408.40
4 daisyxoxo 4329.10
5 GetPWN3D 4217.60
6 WeirdThing 4141.40
7 DimJarnaby35 3873.90
8 creig 3856.80
9 dinkydoofus 3851.40
10 okstate345 3791.80
With FTOPS IX in full swing, I expect the crypto gambling leaderboard to be fairly volatile this month. I indeed found that to be the case thus far as I was reviewing the top spots this week and the changes since last Saturday. The FTOPS Main Event this Sunday will close out this series, and I’m looking forward to next week’s review already. Not to get ahead of ourselves, let’s see how this week shapes up.
The Yid maintains the lead this week with a decent lead over the rest of the field. In addition to putting in consistently high volume, he had a recent big score, taking down 2nd in the $322 buyin $90,000 Guarantee 6-max tourney last Saturday for $23,447.

The field tightens up a bit from 2nd on down, with EMSBas moving up a couple spots from 4th to 2nd. Having finished 24th on the MTT leaderboard in July, rtkoss is at it again this month. He moved from 5th to 3rd on the strength of three 4-figure cashes this week.
The 4th and 5th spots are held by the big …


The following is an excerpt from a section on “money mangement” in my upcoming book “Play video Poker or Else!”

Many casinos advertise a 97 – 98% payout on their best slot machines. This is about what the payout on a good video poker machine would be if the Royal Flush was removed as a winning hand. The difference, of course, is that with the slot machine there is no skill required to get the maximum expected return. You simply press the max bet button over and over. With video poker your expected return is based not only on the maximum payout of the machine but your skill in achieving the maximum expected return (ER). That’s why casinos can have machines that can actually favor the player. The overall return for the casino, taking into account that most players do not play nearly accurately enough is much better than the theoretical take. This fact is the only reason such a good deal is available for those who will take the time and trouble to master the art of accurate video poker play. In other words the inferior players are helping to pay the freight for the superior ones.
Bearing this in mind many players will expect that once they have achieved a sufficient level of skill, that they will almost always win if they spend enough time at a session. This is dangerous thinking and can lead to disappointment and poor play.
A skilled player will achieve a royal flush about once every 40,000 hands, the same as an unskilled player. In between those royal flushes, the skilled player is operating at a small disadvantage, the unskilled player at a very large disadvantage. Actually, if you play the right game (let’s say Deuces Wild, for example which depends on the RF for only 1.8% of it’s expected return) expertly and you get cash back and free meals that add up to another half a percent or so, you are operating at only about .5% disadvantage even without ever catching the royal flush. NOTE: the reason I don’t include a room …

Tale of Two Winners – How Will You React?

Linda and Karen are two lucky ladies, but with two distinctly different personalities. Both ladies hit progressive jackpots at, but while one hasn’t told a soul; the other had a blast letting everybody know. Both are business owners, but one works in lumber while the other’s bag is high-tech medicine. Two sides of the same coin, maybe! In any case their luck tops $200,000 and both hit within days of each other, here is what they have to say.

“I had been out on the lake all day but wasn’t tired when I got home. There was nothing on TV, so I decided to go online. I logged onto InterCasino and started playing with $200. I had gotten down to $100 when all of a sudden I couldn’t believe my eyes. I sat and stared at the screen for three or four minutes and I didn’t know what to do. I just kept slowly going over the hand in my mind until I was sure it was a Royal Flush. Should I push the button or get my camera and take a picture of the screen? I hit the button and saw that I won $156,006. I haven’t told anybody yet, I’m keeping it my little secret. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, and I left most of the money in my InterCasino account.” Linda Gleams.

Karen boasts a different story.

“That night I was watching the Yankees Slot Gacor game with my husband and son when I decided go online and gamble. I was winning and I went over to the “Shooting Gallery” Progressive Video Poker machine. The machine went into a bonus round and at that point I wasn’t sure I actually won. After a minute I realized what had happened. I called my son and he went and got my husband, I was so surprised… I’m opening my own MRI and CAT Scan center and this money is going straight into my business. InterCasino has made everything so easy, they’re transferring the money into my bank account today.”

The cat has Linda’s tongue while Karen opens …

Reno, Nevada

Many casinos have put in “Multi Poker” machines. This is relatively recent (September 1996), or perhaps I missed them earlier. They combine Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Bonus, and Bonus Deluxe in one machine. You pick which one you want to play. Some (not all) of these machines have the full-pay variations.
The Peppermill Casino has pulled out most of their full-pay deuces wild with a progressive jackpot (at least 100.7%). Three remain, near the entrance to the buffet. Inexplicably, they have become very secretive about their slot club; you have ask, but it still exists, and they will still enrole new members. (Updated July 1998.)
The Circus Circus has full-pay deuces wild (100.7%), and a tens-or-better carousel with a progressive jackpot (at least 99.5%). (September 1997)
The Reno Hilton has put in full-pay Multi Poker (100.7% deuces wild). Paul Ledeger reports that there are six jokers wild machines that have been paid back to full pay (100.6%). (May 1997, confirmed February 1998). Mike Lackey reports it also 789betting has $1 double bonus (100.2%).(December 1997)
The El Dorado has one bank of 6/9 jacks-or-better machines with a 4700 payout (99.9%).
Mike Lackey reports the Silver Legacy has full pay double 789betting bonus (100.2%) (December 1997).
Paul Ledeger reports (July 1998) that Rail City Casino in Sparks has four full-pay multi-poker machines (100.7% deuces wild), and the Western Village Casino also has full-pay multi-poker (100.7% deuces wild) and full-pay double bonus (100.2%). (Confirmed Februrary 1998)
Ed Curry reports the Sand Casino has 9/6 machines, some with progressives (at least 99.5%). (September 1997)
Mike Lackey reports that the Silver Legacy has:
“Full-pay joker wild – quarter (some progressive), $1, and $5
10/7 Double Bonus (same machines as the joker)
A few full-pay Deuces wild”
Mike Lackey reports “the good $1 multi-pokers upstairs at Eldorado have full-pay Double Bonus as well as joker wild.”
Mike Lackey reports “Comstock has three 15/10 Loose Deuces. They also have 9/6 Jacks with a 4500 coin royal.”
Bill Treshler reports “Harrah’s Reno has 3 $1.00 Full Pay 10-7 Double Bonus Machines in the Sports Casino …

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