Casino Review – 7 Sultans Casino

Review by Tim Neville

There are two things I look for when deciding whether to play at an Online Casino… great software, and something a little different.

Now, if you’ve played at a Microgaming Casino before you will know just how classy the software is. The games are innovative and they play and pay more than fair. The only minor “negative”, if you could even call it that, is that you tend to come across the same games at every Casino, with a few small variations.

Not so at 7 Sultans!

Yes, they have all your Microgaming favorites like Power Slot Gacor Poker and Double Magic, but they also have an incredible range of Slots which I have never seen anywhere else. I managed to play just about all of the unusual ones, along with some better known ones, and I can tell you that after doing this over the course of a few hours I ended up with a 100% profit! Not bad when you consider all the games I played and the bets I made.

I have listed some of the Slots you may not have seen before and a little information about each one… but if you REALLY want to know how much fun they are then its time to grab the VISA and enter the Mystical World of the Sultans…

Defcon Four – Slot
This game is pretty simple. 3 reels and 1 payline, and a 3 coin Max Bet. I did pretty well on this one, but the idea of various missiles spinning around that quick makes me a little nervous…

Gold Coast – Slot
A 3-reel 5-line game with a holiday atmosphere…don’t forget the Pina Coladas! Spin the hassles of work away and watch as the 3 symbols come up and your balance starts looking a little healthier…

Island Style – Slot
Anyone for coconuts??? Line up the three trees on this 3-reel single-payline Slot and it wont be just your coconuts that need cracking!. There may not be many symbols on this one, but it makes for more regular pays and great value …

Lucky Nugget

Slots Available : 6 Exclusive Slots
Deposit Options : CC, NETeller, ACH
Welcome Bonus : Buy $10 get $20 Free
Comp Program: See Review
Player Support : 24hr Instant Email Support
Software Type : Microgamming

Online Casino Signup Bonus – 21 Gamble .com

One of the foremost casinos on the Internet, the Lucky Nugget’s range of exciting online games offer Vegas odds or better! For everyone with a sense of adventure and a taste for riches, this is definitely the online casino to visit. Other recent winners were Brian E., who won $52,625.19 and Cheryl F., who won $40,016.48!

The Lucky Nugget Casino makes sure that gold prospecting in its gaming rooms is kept fair and square. Its software uses the Internet to access an independent Random Number Generator each time you play a game to produce card deals, slot bars, rolls of the dice and other chance elements. In this way there is no programming advantage that could possibly favor the house or any player who might try to gain an unfair advantage by counting Roobet Crash cards or cracking the system.

All commercial transactions at the Lucky Nugget Casino are done through their partners, Proc-Cyber Services. In case you haven’t heard of them, Proc-Cyber Services is one of the best known and most established e-cash merchants on the Internet. Which means you can rest assured that all your online financial transactions are safe and secure. Your winnings, no matter how large, are paid directly within 72 hours through the e-cash services of Proc-Cyber Services.

The Lucky Nugget’s excellent support team will be there to answer your questions on toll-free lines and by e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Features and Promotions:
On opening a real account players receive an incredible $110 sign-up bonus. Lucky Nugget’s exciting range of online games, offer Vegas odds or better!
Lucky Nugget features 68 casino games and all 11 of Microgaming’s progressive slot machines.
Players can enjoy Video Poker, slots and Blackjack by downloading the Lucky Nugget’s free software!
Lucky Nugget runs exciting promotions and special offers in which players …

No Instant Millionaire’s Lately — But Several Progressive Jackpots Overdue for a Big Win

There haven’t been any multi-million dollar online casino jackpots won in the last few weeks – none like the last big win! That was a Canadian woman that won $4.2 million playing the Beach Life Jackpot. The Beach Life jackpot is back up over $640,000 again already.
Bodog recently paid out $141K to Kelly J of California. The lucky gambler said that the win came at a good time in her life when she needed the money to pay for important things.

“I really couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t been drinking or anything but I thought I was imagining it. I just couldn’t believe it until I woke up the next morning and Bodog called me. And then it was like: “oh wow, that really happened.” I was in just absolute utter shock.”

The Mega Moolah progressive jackpot is still waiting to be won! It’s over $4.3 million now.

The Midlife Crisis jackpot has been hovering just under a million dollars for weeks now. Ready to blow? The Millionaires Club, $350K, is another one to watch.

Spanish Player Wins $1.2 Million Playing “Global Traveller” Online Slot Machine

Thirty-two-year-old ‘Jesus M’ from the small town of Valdemoro just south of Madrid won a massive $1,279,691 after playing for just over one hour on the “Global Traveller” slot machine at Casino He told Marius Valentin, Casino Manager for, that he was thrilled and shocked by his gigantic win.
“I love playing the slots and my favourite games are Global Traveller and Desert Treasure,” said the Spaniard. “I usually play every other day.”

Meanwhile, the winner of an online poker tournament says he’ll use part of his winnings to put his Mom through university.

The 22-year-old from the small village of Molash near Inscrivez-Vous Canterbury won $37,561 last week after topping the European Online Championship of Poker leaderboard. He stated that he has used some of his winnings to help his mother study towards a degree in speech therapy at a nearby university.

He said he had also invested some of his winnings into a short film directed by a friend.…

Playtech sees the future in 3D

Playtech, one of the largest software providers in the online casino sector, has announced that it has signed a contract with 3D poker operator PKR. The contract means that Playtech will create an online casino for the poker room, which will be equipped with all existing games, including roulette . More Weizer, a Playtech executive said: “PKR is a highly respected operator in the online poker market, offering both 3D and gaming console software. This will bring a new generation, because Playtech will deliver the online casinos for it. Playtech casinos can be found behind the link.

News on our online casino site

Today we are going to tell you what’s new on our online casino site. We’ve been working very hard over the last few weeks and months to give our casino site more polish and options for our visitors. We are constantly working to bring you the best deals in the online casino industry and to make sure the products we feature are good. 1. We now have Rushmore Casino with us . This new online casino is operated by RTG software and offers absolute gaming fun. Unfortunately, it’s only available in English so far, but it’s still our top recommendation. 2. We recently added an extra page for the latest

Casino Bonus Codes Here you will find the best bonus offers and save a lot of money with every deposit.

We have introduced a new section with our top casino , where you will always find the top casino. And you can be sure that this casino is the absolute top casino.

Grand Monaco Casino is now Grand Mondial

The Grand Monaco Casino has been relaunched with a new look. After the online casino, where you can also pay with Paysafecard, was sued by the city of Monaco because of the naming, it was decided to give the online casino a new look. So from now on Unique Casino it’s called Grand Mondial and the casino looks really good for a Microgaming casino . Of course, there is also a new online casino bonus with 200 euros …

Concerning Christian Charity and What is Holy Vible

Christian apologists often insist that their religion promotes extraordinary generosity and altruism. As proof, they point to Christian-sponsored hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, homeless shelters, halfway houses, and other educational and charitable organizations. “And where are the atheist hospitals?” they tauntingly ask. “We don’t see any atheist programs to help the poor and needy,” they jeer.

But these claims are far weaker than they may appear. In Muslim countries, for example, there are Muslim schools and charities. In countries dominated by Buddhists we see Buddhist institutions. Even in Cuba, there are schools, hospitals, and public aid organizations, a fact that is frequently pointed to by apologists for Castro. So why should it be thought unusual that, where Christians are to be found in great numbers, there also are to be found Christian-sponsored charitable organizations?

Then there is the history of Christianity in the West. As recently as a few hundred years ago, it was dangerous, if not fatal, to so much as openly doubt Christian theological doctrines. That was the practical form that “Christian love” and “Christian charity” took for the overwhelming part of its history. Its ferocity was only moderated by the innovative principle of state/church separation, a principle still denied and denounced by the most energetic of Christian zealots. How, then, can special merit be accorded to Christianity? What is so singularly virtuous about doing what others are forcibly prevented from doing? And how honest and principled is it, given these circumstances, for Christians to claim exceptional virtue for themselves while disparaging their historical victims?

Even today, unbelievers are relentlessly reviled by many Christian leaders. Consider the following recent statements by U.S. leaders:

“No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under God.” [President George Bush]

“The fact that we have freedom of religion doesn’t mean we need to try to have freedom from religion.” [President William Jefferson Clinton]

“Radicals and atheists are destroying families.” [Hillary Rodham-Clinton]
Given the context of Christians’ past and current treatment of those with contrary religious opinions, it is outrageous …

Expert in Translation Agencies UK

With translation experts in over 150 different language combinations, we can deliver your translation to the highest quality and on-time.

Our network of over 2,000 translation professionals assures we are always able to assign the most suitable translator to complete your order.

At Translation Agencies UK, you will be assigned your own dedicated project manager to oversee the delivery process and see to it that your requests are fulfilled to your expectations!

Our mission: To promote books and websites of high standard around the globe: to educate and entertain people regardless of the language they speak; to give them knowledge and enjoyment; to make them think rather than just consume; to make them be able to share the joy and sadness of the author, to understand the beauty of the world and to hate anything which humiliates and degrades people, to feel the pain of other people and have a desire to help them.

To help the authors to find the recognition (and financial reward!) they deserve – which should not be limited to their own country and to a local market only. The world has shrunk. Thanks to the incredible development of information technology, people can now appreciate other cultures and their achievements in any sphere of life more easily. Exchange of information and ideas in any field (be it business or arts, work or pleasure) is now happening instantaneously – regardless of the geographical location of any individual or company alike.

To help an individual author or a publisher in finding a suitable translator quickly for their project through a one-stop company which is profoundly concentrated on the translation of the books/websites from/to any language on any conceivable subject.

To help professional translators in obtaining an interesting and satisfying job.

Our company is new and unique in its approach and scope. It is unique because we do not offer services which have already been offered by many other companies:

We do not offer to do interpreting
We do not offer to provide book design and /or publishing services
And we do not claim that we are the …

Spilled Beads, Drills, Diamonds: 6 Ways to Make Cleanup a Breeze Diamond Art

Painting with diamonds is a fun, relaxing hobby that can elevate your mood and help you unwind. But, if you have ever accidentally spilled your carefully assembled and aligned diamond drills, you know how quickly those feelings of relaxation can turn into utter despair! Just about every crafter has been there. Whether it’s a tray of shimmering drills, a strand of bitty beads, a package of glitter or any other assortment of miniscule crafting accessories, it is hard not to lose your cool after seeing your materials spill in a million directions. In addition to having a big mess to deal with, you might also be concerned about whether you will still have enough supplies to complete your project.

Take a moment to breathe. Cleaning up your spilled diamond painting supplies will be much easier if you are not in a panic. Once you have given yourself a few moments to calm down, check out these tips for dealing with spilled beads, drills and diamonds. With a bit of ingenuity and planning, cleaning up even the tiniest crafting materials can be a breeze.

Best Ways to Clean Up Spilled Drills
There is no use crying over spilled milk — and the same holds true for spilled drills! Although it’s undeniably frustrating when you dump an entire tray or bag of beads, getting upset is not going to put them back in their rightful place. It’s much more helpful to have some Diamond Art tricks up your sleeve for cleaning up the mess quickly. Here at Diamond Art Club®, we have seen it all and have some clever ideas to help you out.

Lint rollers aren’t just great for removing fuzz or pet fur from your favorite black pants. They are fantastic at picking up dropped drills, too! Gently run the lint roller over the spill area. Then, use tweezers to carefully remove the resin gems from the tacky paper, and place them back in the tray, their bag, or wherever they need to go.

Depending on the roller’s adhesive, your beads might be a …


There’s no doubt about it – cats have become increasingly popular on the internet in recent years. Examples include 2011’s Nyan Cat, Serious Cat, and the more recent Grumpy Cat that took over SXSW 2013. Web developers and social media enthusiasts have been observing the trends, and on April 1st 2013, new social networking site for those fuzzy felines called Catbook was released amidst the cat-craze.

At a glance, Catbook looks scarcely familiar to another popular social network, giving cats the ability to post status updates, give catnip to cats who have birthdays, and post cat photos. The built-in search engine allows cats to search for other fellow felines, as well as cat memes that are trending on the interwebz.


Social media marketing can be an intimidating term to those unfamiliar with the wide range of networks. Most people immediately think of websites such as Facebook, Twitter or even the late (but recently relaunched) Myspace. But for a musician, leveraging social networks through social media marketing can be an amazing tool to aid your career in ways you never dreamed of. Here are some suggested ideas for musicians to turn their social media presence to 11.

Unique Content – Do not try to reach out to fans if you have no material yet. Most of your potential fans are going to want to hear what you’re about, not that you and your buddies have thought of a great new band name. People are impatient and first impressions are everything. Don’t seek people out until you give them access to something besides a picture of you and a bio with “Music Coming Soon”. More about Flic House

Follow, Add, and Connect with Everyone – Do not be afraid! Despite what you may have heard, everyone loves some kind music. The users might not like yours, but chances are they will give it a listen. If you find that the regular response to your music is negative, you might be reaching out to the wrong networks of people. The best way to get people to listen …

Hit-and-Run in Sbobet

I have noticed that you recommend the quick, hit-and-run method of gambling, unless of course, you are on the winning streak from heaven. Wouldn’t waiting for the win streak to occur be a better way to play? Gerald H.
How would you know when it started, Gerald? The reason I highly recommend hit-and-run gambling is that short-term play is the breeding ground for unusual fluctuations, where — briefly — results seem to defy the dictates of probability. The casino’s built-in advantage may not tick over during brief stints. It is to your advantage to make your gambling timeline as short as possible, and here’s why: the casino’s advantage is quite real, but it’s predicated on the operation of the “law of averages” over a long period. (In Old World casinos, it’s even called the “law of large numbers” — not a bad name considering that thousands of players bet on millions of hands, year-in year-out.)

By exposing your money for an extended period, you veer unavoidably closer to the ultimate built-in loss that the casino’s statistician has prepared for you. Brevity of gambling session is, for that reason, a handy secret weapon for you. It’s not guaranteed to make you win; but a long session is guaranteed to make you lose.

The casino edge for slot machines, and for that matter for all casino games, is based on long-term trials. Casinos, open 24 hours a day, greet with a big smile those millions of hands of blackjack and handle pulls. With thousands of hopefuls playing slots, craps, roulette, and blackjack at any given moment, and with a mathematical advantage to the casino in every one of them, the casino can’t lose, but players who lengthen their bankroll’s exposure give the casino a correspondingly greater opportunity to eat it.

Bottom line: Your best chance to Sbobet win comes when you shorten your playing time, exploiting any favorable deviations from the law of big numbers that may occur. Of course, when you’ve won the entire casino, then you opt for all-night gambling sessions. Until then, master the hit-and-run method of gambling.

Dear …

Less is Mour, a Premier bitcoin dice League preview




After a summer of relative tranquility, where only the visit of Australian cricketers or a meeting of 16 peculiar people in a house could arouse our interest, the return of the Premiership is set to awaken us from our betting slumber.


The bookmakers have created a colossal amount of markets for the new season, including which manager will be the first to leave his post, which player will receive the most bookings, and for the more adventurous, which team will win the title.


To discover everything you need to know about your team’s chances for the new season, and preview the mountain of specials on offer, read on.




Winners 10/3 @ Bet Direct

Relegation 10,000/1 @ Sporting Odds

Season Special – Arsenal to finish above Chelsea 5/4 @ Super Soccer

Player Special – Henry to win the Golden Boot 9/4 @ BET 365


The sale of Vieira was the shock of the summer, but if Wenger can remain unruffled after throwing a Paddy, we must take the hint that he’s happy with the abundance of talent at the club. The Premiership’s most consistent team of recent years are Gunner regain their title.


Aston Villa


Winners 500/1 @ Sporting Odds

Relegation 25/1 @ Totesport

Season Special – Villa to finish above Birmingham 4/5 @ Super Soccer

Player Special – Angel to score more than Forssell 10/11 @ Super Soccer


O’Leary has added real quality to the Villa squad; Kevin Phillips is a fantastic signing for £750,000, Stuart Taylor looks the part and he’s managed to get his hands on a free Berger. European football? It’s coming to a Holte.




Winners 700/1 @ Sporting Odds

Relegation 16/1 @ UK Betting

Season Special – Birmingham to finish above Villa 11/10 @ BET 365

Player Special – Forssell to score more than Angel 4/5 @ Super Soccer


The Forss may be with them, but can they sign Pandiani? The City manager believes that the Uruguayan can make all the difference for the Blues, and what’s good for the …