What Can Cause The Growth Of Spider Mites? How To Get Rid Of Them?


Spider mites are a well-known threat to weed plants, and many weed growers fear that for their plants. Many of the growers don’t let any other plant breed in their grow room just so they will be able to keep the mites away. Spider mites are not insects, they are pests, but just because they also throw a lot of webs on the plant, they are known as spider mites.

Reasons of growth of spider mites

There are plenty of reasons for this to happen to the plants. A lot of growers are beginners, and they have to have the proper information about the aspect. Before they get the info on How to eradicate cannabis spider mites organically, they need to know the reasons. So here, let’s know the reasons so that we can prevent them from happening,

  • Outside plants: When we don’t care while bringing in the plants from the outside in the grow room, it can cause the infestation we are dreading. It is the most common mistake that everyone makes, and it is not a good one. If we are getting a new clone or a new weed plant, we must keep it somewhere else for a while to check for the infestation.
  • Pets wandering around: Pets can act as the carrier of pests too. If pets are wandering around in the grow room and they are dirty, it is possible that they can become the reason for the infestation too.
  • High temperature: If there is a high temperature in the room, it is possible that there would be higher growth of spider mites. Spider mites love the hot environment, and they love when they stay stagnant in one place, and it is the best way and area for them to mate.

These are the main reasons there is an issue of spider mites in the plants. To get rid of such an infestation, it is imperative to make sure that there is no hot temperature instantly. With the help of using the best ways to get rid of them, it won’t be a tricky task.

Finally, using hard water sprays or vacuuming the plants can also become very useful to the person. With spraying, there will be a treatment for the spider mites, and they will be bound to leave the plants. Isn’t it what we want? So go on and take care of the plants and keep those mites away.