Light Night the ideal marketing platform for business.

Light Night represents everything that is good about a city.

Light Night attracts a unique cross section of visitors to the city centre.

Light Night offers the flexibility for brands to engage with consumers in a creative environment. 

For brand activation in city centres brands need space, time, people and a conducive environment. Light Night offers of all of these.

Space – The event takes place across the city centre allowing brands to choose their own space whether alongside an existing event or in the busy thoroughfares between events.

Time – Unlike staged events Light Night is not about attracting people to one site but encourages people to explore the city centre over a longer period. This gives them plenty of time to experience and discover more about your brand.

People – Light Night attracts an average of 30,000 people to a city centre. More importantly the cross section of visitor is representative of all the demographics of a city. This allows either a broad reach through title event sponsorship or targeting of a tight demographic through specific event sponsorship.

Environment – Light Night is a cultural, creative and eye opening experience and encourages visitors to engage with the city. In this frame of mind they will be more susceptible to relevant and intelligent marketing.

Light Night represents the following opportunities

  • Innovation showcase – Support or creation of key Light Night feature. Either limited to one feature or a universal feature across all Light Nights.
  • CSR – Support for the local communities that are the backbone of Light Night.
  • Direct marketing – Direct sampling of goods and services in a culture that reflects the character of Light Night.
  • Event showcase – Creation or support of a unique event from an illuminated bicycle rally to an abseiling show.
  • City Dressing – Creation and support of innovative city dressing products that both promote the event and create the backdrop to Light Night.

For more information and a list of CSR & Sponsorship opportunities please download the Prospectus or contact:

Jeremy Rucker
T: +44 (0)845 680 1706