Instructions for use Freesmoke Electronic Cigarette PEN with Nicotine pouches



The e-cigarette was developed in China. It contains nicotine, but no carcinogenic toxins like in conventional tobacco products. It smokes like a conventional cigarette, but it is not smoke, only vaporized water vapor. However, it does not taste like water vapor, but because of the aromatic substances, like a cigarette made from tobacco.

You can gradually reduce or even increase your nicotine intake as you wish.

(It is advisable to add little nicotine to the body).

In contrast to normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes

do not contain any smoke constituents due to combustion, as no tobacco is burned.

A normal cigarette produces approx. 4000 pollutants when it is burned!

At least 78 of them are carcinogenic!

With the e-cigarette these carcinogenic substances are eliminated, but nicotine

is still present. contains only nicotine and flavorings, there

is no tar and no carcinogenic substances.

That is why it is far less harmful to health than “normal” tobacco smoking.

The WHO also expressly recommends.

Outwardly it resembles a cigarette with a mouthpiece.

The product contains an electronic atomizer that

is used over and over again.

For smoking, only the different strengths of nicotine depots are changed, with which you can choose the nicotine dose, strong, medium or weak. There are also cartridges without nicotine but with a full flavor.


NOTE: Nicotine is harmful to the heart, blood pressure, coronary arteries and

can cause a heart attack.


The battery and control unit contain a 3.7V lithium ion battery that can

only be charged with the charger supplied. The

lithium ion battery cannot be replaced by conventional batteries.

The charger can be used with the power cable on the following power connections

: AC100V240V, 50 / 60Hz. Care must be taken that

this connection area is not exceeded or fallen short of. The optional car

charger cable can be used when traveling in the car. Do

not connect the device while driving because of the risk of accidents.


Using the e-cigarette:

  1. Assemble

Step 1: Charge the battery approx. 4 hours before

using it for the first time. See point 5. Step 2: Screw the battery (control unit) into the housing (mouthpiece)

Step 3: Unpack the nicotine cartridge and remove the protective plastic cover.

Step 4: Insert the cartridge into the case and enjoy your e-cigarette.

  1. Working mode

The device switches itself on automatically when you put your mouth on

Suck (inhale) mouthpiece. The working mode is indicated by an LED at the

end of the battery and control unit.

If you stop inhaling, the device automatically goes into standby mode.

No power is consumed in standby mode . If the LED at the end of the device

does not light up during suction, the battery must be charged. .

  1. Cleaning

The micro processor controlled e-cigarette has an automatic

cleaning program that is automatically activated after approx. 1,500 puffs.

When the cleaning program is active, the LED lights up for approx. 8 seconds,

  1. Standby status:

With a fully charged battery, the e-cigar can be in stand-by mode for approx. 14 days

remain. The battery must then be charged again.

The battery should be charged from time to time if it is stored for a longer period of time.

If you do not use the PEN for more than 48 hours, please remove the filled depot and disconnect it from the battery.


  1. Charging the battery

If the LED light does not light up during use, the battery is empty and

needs to be charged. To do this, unscrew the battery and control unit

from the housing and screw them into the charger. Connect

the charger to the mains, only with the supplied

power cable. A red LED now lights up on the charger. If this turns

green after three to four hours, the battery is fully charged and can be used

become. Remove the battery from the charger and pull the

plug out of the socket. With a USB charger there is no display

as soon as the battery is charged, but you should charge the battery for about 3-4 hours.


Precautions when handling the battery and charger.

Do not expose the battery to high temperatures.

Do not open or damage the battery.

In the event of excessive heating, smoke development, deformation or

other noticeable changes, please pull the power plug immediately.

The charger is designed exclusively for the lithium ion battery of the e-cigar

and cannot be used with other batteries.

Keep the e-cigarette charger away from children.

Instructions for handling the e-cigarette

Before using the e-cigarette for the first time, the battery must be

charged for 8 hours . With regular use, a charging time of

3-4 hours is sufficient .

Please keep the nicotine cartridges away from children.

Make sure that the nicotine deposit does not come into direct contact with mucous membranes


The e-cigarette is a high-tech electronic product. Protect the

device from moisture and impact.

In the event that the e-cigarette has not been used for a long time

and does not turn on immediately, pull the e-cigarette a few times to activate it.


The battery of the Freesmoke cigarette is a long-lasting lithium-ion battery and is extremely light. The important thing with this type of battery is that it is never completely discharged. Otherwise there is a risk of total discharge and the battery will no longer be recognized by the charger. If you have several batteries, we recommend storing the battery at approx. 80% capacity and in a cool / dry place. You can enjoy the Nicotine pouches


Important: Never short-circuit the battery!


For whom is it suitable / not suitable.

  1. The electronic cigarette is suitable for the following people:

People who have been smoking tobacco for a long time and

want to avoid carcinogenic substances.

People who regularly stay in non-smoking areas, privately

or professionally.

People who

do not want to annoy or harm other people while smoking .

  1. The e-cigarette is not suitable for the following people:

Children and young people under 18 years of age.


Children and young people under 18 years of age. Non-smokers, people who are sensitive

or allergic to nicotine. Pregnant or breastfeeding women.