Exchange Network


Light Night is also designed as a partnership between business and city centres.  The Light Night business partnership represents a new way for business to work with local authorities and Partnerships. The aim is to give business a platform to prove how innovative and imaginative they can be. Light Night literally gives business the room within a city centre to control a space and produce marketing that breaks the boundaries of traditional communication and re focuses the brand on the consumer.

The Light Night Exchange Network

A Light Night network for the founding members has been meeting for the past year and was established following a study tour to Como, Italy in 2007.  It has now been decided to formalise the group, invite other locations to join and provide a service to locations wishing to hold a Light night.

BENEFITS OF Joining the Network

Light Night website

The website has the following features:

  • Dedicated webpage for each Light Event/Location
  • Calendar of Events
  • Members intranet with Bulletin Board
  • Directory of participants: artists, installations light engineers, event organisers etc.
  • Online photo library
  • Knowledge Bank containing case studies, reports, sample funding applications and more.


The Founding Members of the Light Night group continue to meet.  Those locations that are undertaking a Light Night event will be welcome to join the group at its regular meetings.


Five principles

To become a Light Night location you must agree to observe 5 key principles:

  • Light Night is a cultural event, open to all with no admission charge
  • It favours community engagement in all its forms; arts, sports, music, social and voluntary groups and performances
  • Light Night uses public spaces in all their aspects
  • Light Night is an opportunity for promoting local opportunity and activity
  • Light Night encourages inter-exchange between towns & cities