Boo Koo Energy drink and Energy shots by Vimgo



The best way I can describe Boo Koo Energy drink is the giant bastard son of Mountain Dew and 7 Up with a bit of mineral water thrown in to ad just a hint of inbreeding.  I’m sitting here writing this staring at the can wondering why in the HELL I am still drinking this….maybe because it cost me $2.75…maybe because it does in fact keep giving me little spikes of energy….maybe because I feel obligated to actually drink an entire can of something that I am writing a review about…I don’t really know….but what I do know is that this is not making my list of things to try with alcohol….one big ass can is enough for me.  Strangely though, had this been in smaller cans I think I could have probably tolerated it a bit more…but after 18 oz’s down and 6 more to go I am thoroughly sick of this drink.  Now, some of you out there might really go for this one…it’s big, only about $.75 more than a Red Bull, and does in fact taste similar to the many citrus soft drinks out there (Sprite, 7 Up, Mountain Dew, Squirt).  The problem is that in mass the flavor gets old fast.  It leaves a kind of odd after taste as well….sort of like grapefruit and copper…strange metallic…not overly offensive, but not at all smooth either.  And be sure to drink it quick….as it gets warm it gets worse.  DEFINITLY better served ICE cold.  One thing I will say for Boo Koo is that it does do its job.  I was on a nice energy kick for quite a while with this big fellow, though with 24 oz’s of any taurine powered caffeinated drink I would not expect anything less.  Over all I probably wouldn’t pick boo Koo as a first, second, or even third choice off the shelves.  There are many other drinks out there that I genuinely enjoy drinking with or without the need for a pick me up, but I know that for some of you out there this one is at least worth a one time trial.


VAMP Energy drink and Energy shots


What can I say…..I LOVE this stuff.  Vamp is exactly what I have been searching for in an energy drink.  Great taste, lots of kick…..In my book, this stuff is almost perfect.  Vamp is best described as a black cherry drink with a hint of honey on the backside.  Nice and smooth, no bad after taste…just right…Vamp is TOTALLY made for late night fun.  This stuff has potential way beyond the can too.  Add a bit of vodka for one hell of a club drink, a dash of Malibu rum and you have quite the fruity treat, and I’m willing to bet you could make one kicking martini with this stuff as well.  The fruit flavor in Vamp is just that damn good.  So cool, we know it tastes good how well does it work.  Let me put it to you this way.  On the can it states “The maximum caffeine allowed by law.”  I think our laws are a bit loose because this stuff has CRAZY caffeine in it.  Two third’s through a can and I got wired far beyond what I have been after drinking many of the 16 oz drinks.  Yes, Vamp packs a serious punch…it definitely has the power to keep your ass partying on through the night….just watch yourself after it wears off because you are going down baby!  You crash like blind man in a Ferrari.  This stuff takes you down like a crackhead in a methadone clinic…we’re talking DEPRESSION…with power comes great responsibility…use wisely.


If Vamp was one of the large energy drinks it’s probably all I’d be drinking….even bumping out No Fear and Monster.  As of right now though Vamp is standard sized so it can’t quite replace the larger drinks for my lake trips, or pre volleyball/soccer drink  It does however win out in the morning drive to work size, or the pre party drink category hands down.   If you guys are ever in need of some SERIOUS energy, and are into black cherry or fruit flavored drinks, do NOT pass this up….seriously, it’s well worth it.  (And it has one damn sexy can too.)


By the way, Vamp also carries its own line of red Vodka, and wine from Transylvania….do I hear another review calling?