Boca Raton, Florida, December 10, 1997 – Atlantic International Entertainment, Ltd. (NASDAQ- BB- AIEE) announced that Karen S. Welch has been appointed as Senior Vice President of Operations and General Manager.

Atlantic’s President & CEO, Richard A. Iamunno stated that “Ms. Welch brings to Atlantic significant market knowledge, experience and a long record of successful projects. The addition of Karen Welch has underlined our commitment to expand the current management team and infrastructure while positioning the company to handle the increase in worldwide demand for our products and services”.


Karen Welch, stated that “I look forward to being a member of the Atlantic International Entertainment team, and the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge as AIE™ begins its’ new growth period. Karen Welch had worked for IBM Corporation for twenty years in various New York locations and Florida. She managed various software organizations, ranging from PC operating systems to embedded systems and formed a Business Development Organization, which marketed to Fortune 500 companies. Her management responsibilities have included development, service, support, marketing and business development. Karen most recently worked for CyberGuard Corporation as the Director of NT Development and Alliances and later as Director of Business Development.


AIE develops and markets Internet and Private Network transaction based products including global turn-key Internet Casino Extension™, (ICE™) for licensed casinos; webSports, its Internet Sports Wagering Product, Hotel Hotlinks, in-room gaming and entertainment system, realSports, an online sports information service and the Internet related product and services (The EmiNet Domain).


This press release contains potential forward-looking statements regarding the Ligaz888 Company. The future performance of the Company involves risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. Such risks include competition and pricing pressures, dependence on telecommunications carriers, management of growth, customer turnover, technological change, governmental regulation, unauthorized use of technology, system failures and a variety of stock market-related risks. For a more complete description of certain of such risks and uncertainties, we refer you to the documents that the company files from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission including 10K filed July 3, 1997 with the Securities and Exchange Commission and form 10Q filed September 8, 1997.


CyberQuill Gaming: Casino Bus Program Specialists


CyberQuill Gaming, based in Lake Tahoe, specializes in creating and developing profitable bus programs for the casino industry. Ray Hoy, the firm’s owner, has been a director of marketing and consultant to the gaming industry for fifteen years. He owns the largest database of bus companies and tour operators in the United States, and has a long history of developing successful bus programs for Nevada gaming properties.


CyberQuill Gaming also offers short or long-term marketing assistance with the development of drive-up and fly-up programs; database marketing; and casino promotions (paycheck drawings, dance contests, body building contests, gaming tournaments, etc.).


Hoy is presently under contract with a Southern California publisher to write a book titled “Gaming for Fun & Profit” (200,000 advance orders).


CyberQuill Gaming also designs and produces effective Internet websites for gaming properties with the vision to appreciate the vast marketing potential offered by the Internet.


Casino marketing runs in the family. Hoy’s wife, Sandy, is the director of marketing at the Lake Tahoe Horizon Casino Resort.


CyberQuill Gaming: “Have laptop, will travel.”


COSMIC JOURNEYTM: Entertainment with a Message


Think of it as the Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly of the New Age. COSMIC JOURNEY TM, created by Howard Moore of Richmond, VA, is a board game that teaches and enlightens. It came to Moore while he was praying for peace several years ago. In a visionary flash he conceived the idea, and turning from his prayer to his typewriter, wrote out an outline of the game in a single siting. “It was as if my head was opened up and this idea put into it,” says Moore.

Unlike any other board game on the market, Cosmic Journey TM engages the spiritual imagination of the player. It becomes a sort of microcosm of life with its pitfalls and high points, good deeds and bad, positive and negative karma. Players begin the game on an earthly plane, moving their talismans around the board at the toss of the dice. Depending on where they land, they pick up Risk cards, Karma cads or question cards. Risk cards pose possibilities to the players. Karma cards examine good deeds and bad. And Question cards test the players’ knowledge of matters spiritual and Divine. When a player earns a certain amount of points (51 or 100, depending on what version of the game is being played) he 0r she moves his or her talisman to the Ascension Ring in the center of the board. The first player to make their Ascension wins the game of righteous living.

COSMIC JOURNEYTM is entertaining. But more than that, according to its creator, the board game enlightens, informs, andaids the player in examining his or her life and motives behind actions. “COSMIC JOURNEYTM has a purpose beyond entertainment”, says Moore. “It raises the consciousness of the people on the planet to make way for the New Age. I t helps people think about what they do and say. It shows people, whether poor or rich, that they can do something for others and the planet itself.” “You can get wrapped up in the game for hours on end and when you come away from it you have done more than simply played a game, you have learned more about your physical and spiritual life”, he says.

COSMIC JOURNEYTM is available for $29.99 = $5.95 S&H; from Cosmic Journey Publishing, Inc. 5520B Lakeside Ave., Richmond VA 23228. To order by credit card, call 1-800-858-5237.

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