Light Night will offer residents and visitors the opportunity to experience their city from a fresh perspective. It is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate the city, focusing on their shared culture, history and identity.

Different areas of the city can become a theatre for musical and theatrical recitals, exhibitions, concerts, shows, games and performances of all types. The space used could be traditional, like streets, museums, restaurants and bars, galleries, shops, libraries, schools, colleges, universities and other institutions or unusual, like the sky, beach, sea, lakes, rivers etc.

Can you be a Light Night town?

To become a Light Night location you must agree to observe 5 key principles:

  • Light Night is a cultural event, open to all with no admission charge
  • It favours community engagement in all its forms; arts, sports, music, social and voluntary groups and performances
  • Light Night uses public spaces in all their aspects
  • Light Night is an opportunity for promoting local opportunity and activity
  • Light Night encourages inter-exchange between towns & cities

The purpose of the event is:

  • To create a feeling of community sprit; engender an awareness that the city is united and that there is a sentiment that everyone has something in common
  • To bring social causes to people’s attention and to encourage donations towards a charity fund with publicised beneficiaries
  • To allow people to experience different forms of art and entertainment and to experience things that they would not normally
  • To promote the work of voluntary organisations
  • To create an awareness of what the city has to offer to residents and visitors alike

Light Night gives the general population the chance to ‘take back’ the city from the demographic group that normally occupies the city in the evening and at night.

Because there are different ways that local, national and international companies to get involved there are strong, varied opportunities to attract advertising, sponsorship and also media attention to the city.

Why not join the Light Night Exchange and share experinces?  Email martin.blackwell@atcm.org for more information.